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24.The Flight-2016 MASTER 1
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Alain Savoie is a Canadian film and television music composer/producer with a piano, guitar and electronic music background. He has been releasing music since 2001 and has been composing for film since 2008.


Alain was born in Quebec City, but grew up in New Brunswick’s capital, Fredericton. At the age of seven, he started his musical journey through the world of classical piano, obtaining a Grade 8 Certificate with honors from the Royal Conservatory of Music. While being Montreal based for most of his adult life, he now finds himself back in his home province of New Brunswick.


Currently composing for film, television and commercials as well as releasing his own works under the name of Synthamesk, Alain offers a range of film scoring styles and sound designing for film, television or corporate video signatures. While being independent, artistic and extremely resourceful, his mission is to customize and personalize his knowledge and creativity to accommodate your needs and accomplish your vision.

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